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Adopting Capability Maturity Model Integration

One of the biggest challenges of CMMI is making sure the organizational process you define meets the Software Engineering Institute's exacting standards.

Grupo Soluciones Innova S.A. with the support of Rational´s tools and processes, enables you to achieve this high standard by ensuring the best-in-class process, ease of documentation, and tool automation.

A growing number of government and civilian organizations are adopting the Software Engineering Institute's Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) as a way to improve software processes and manage the development, acquisition, and maintenance of their products and services.

Increasingly, government programs are mandating CMMI compliance, as the need for effective and efficient process and tools becomes more evident.

Grupo Soluciones Innova S.A. with the support of Rational´s tools and processes, supports organizations adopting the CMMI by providing:

The CMMI is all about saying what you do, doing what you say, and then measuring it.

By adopting the Rational Unified Process framework, you can apply the de facto industry standard software development process in an easy-to-follow web interface.

You can add process variants or practices to customize the process to your organization, but continue to conform to the standard approach offered by the RUP. Once your process is defined, it can be delivered onto every team member's desktop. This makes the process accessible to all, helping to ensure communication and consistency, and avoid wasting time determining what to do next.

Project Management

Managing a complex program or project requires a good understanding of the activities that need to be undertaken, their relationship to the business problem and a mechanism to understand actual project progress against those business milestones. By combining the Rational Unified Process with Rational ProjectConsole, your team can follow a defined process and then report project progress against that process.


The engineering process is "where the rubber meets the road." The engineering disciplines of requirements management, analysis, design, implementation, and test are unified into the process of developing a system or product.

Rational provides the market-leading system and software development environment through the Rational Suite product family. This lifecycle solution is a set of integrated tools which, when implemented with the best practices defined in the RUP, help organizations achieve CMMI compliance.

Support environment

The "how to" of the CMMI Configuration Management Process Area can be addressed by using Unified Change Management (UCM), Rational's best practices approach to managing change from requirements to release. UCM together with Rational software configuration management solution tools, Rational ClearCase and Rational ClearQuest, can help you achieve many of the CMMI's configuration management requirements.


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